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Buy Instagram followers

How many people?


Answers to frequently asked questions

I need to quickly and efficiently buy subscribers on instagram. Can I do this using your service?

Instaga service undoubtedly gives you the opportunity to quickly promote your account. The wrapping procedure takes place in a squeezed time interval, the growth of subscribers occurs evenly.

Why do other platforms have a lower price?

Sites that lure you to a low cost fill your page with deleted accounts, Instagram does not provide for them when ranking, as a result of which it blocks them.

Why do I need active subscribers if I can cheat bots?

People viewing your page pay attention to the composition of the audience. A large number of bot accounts does not play a positive role for promotion and causes little trust among users. Buy Instagram followers with us, it’s worth it - if you want to buy active and functional pages.

Will people remove the subscription from the page?

We took note of this precedent as a result of which we created a deduction of incentive for unsubscribing from pages and reduced the risk, but we warn that cases are likely.

How do you bypass the lock?

Our exchange contains more than a thousand redirects, independently randomly selects a more favorable option for the target action, the algorithm observes a specific time interval.

How to buy followers on instagram? I need Instagram followers now.

Fill out the easy form, leave your link and select the quantity, then pay for the order.

If you buy subscribers on instagram from you, how long will it take to complete an order?

After placing your order, your profile instantly gets to our exchange. The maximum delay can be no more than two hours, usually due to a large number of orders.

I already purchased similar services, fake accounts were noticed in my profile. Does your site work the same?

Our exchange works in a completely different way. You get the number of intensive pages on your Instagram account.

You have a pretty high cost, why?

The quality and cost of services are optimal, for greater cost savings you can purchase a comprehensive promotion package.

If my profile is closed by privacy settings, will there be a cheat?

Your account must be open, if the profile is closed, the wrapping process cannot be carried out.

Using your service, do I stay incognito?

The social exchange exchange is closed, your profile will be visible only to your subscribers.

Can I buy subscribers on Instagram and pay for my order by phone number?

Yes, we accept all payment methods, from bank cards to mobile phones and bitcoins.

How to buy followers on Instagram more than stated on the site?

You just need to write to the support service, and we will remove the restriction for you.

Why should I choose you?

We are unique.

Live Instagram followers


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«Thank you, now we can constantly buy Instagram subscribers via the exchange. I like your friendly support team. I will advise your site to my friends.»


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Instagram followers promotion

If the page was created in order to achieve popularity or earnings, then at a certain stage, when enough high-quality content has been collected to provide subscribers, the profile owner begins to think about promotion. At the initial stage, many people use such a tool as mutual subscription, as well as subscription promotion services. But a common mistake is the assumption that such means of promotion will bring regular loyal viewers and users who will really be interested in the content of the page. Sooner or later, you will have to think about more serious ways of promotion, the goal of which is constancy and profit. The first steps to this may be work on high-quality, interesting content, as well as the correct selection of keys and tags. Do not forget that Instagram was originally created for mobile devices. Therefore, the photo, and especially the video is most convenient to shoot and exhibit from smartphones. This is especially true for the relatively new IGTV Instagram application, where you can upload only vertical videos. As in any other business, to achieve success on Instagram, you need to devote a lot of time and effort to your page, work on the content daily and constantly bring something new and interesting in order to be in trend, constantly recruit new subscribers and keep old ones.

Maintaining a profile for live followers on Instagram

The next step in maintaining a profile on Instagram is to define a goal. It could just be a page for friends and family. In this case, it will most likely be closed for free subscription, i.e. only people approved by the owner or mistress can subscribe to it. It is a completely different matter if this page is designed to conduct business on the network, to achieve popularity, attract subscribers and advertisers.

Unlike other social networks, on Instagram you can change the username at any time. Therefore, if initially the name given during registration does not quite correspond to the topic and goals of the profile, then you can always replace it. The name of the account is important for search and promotion on the network. It should be simple, but at the same time unique, memorable, and reflecting the specifics of the page.

Given the capabilities of modern smartphones, you need to download only high-quality content. If the user has the goal of achieving popularity, then the choice of uploaded photos should be treated with special care and professionalism. You can create multiple accounts for different purposes. It is better to upload personal photos to an account for family and friends, and better, more thoughtful photos and video materials to an account aimed at large communities, business partners and potential customers. In the mobile application, it is possible to use several accounts and easily switch between them without entering a username and password. In addition to photos, you can insert small posts, interesting signatures and explanations, be sure to maintain activity in your profile, responding to comments from subscribers.

Attractive Instagram follower profile

There are pages with a general and narrow subject. The second option is more attractive to subscribers, but it’s much more difficult to conduct, since each card and video will need to be formatted in accordance with the topic and focused on a certain interest of the audience. This is not easy, but the return is much greater. Such accounts grow rapidly and attract regular subscribers and advertisers. The constancy and regularity of uploading photos and videos is a prerequisite for popularity. Otherwise, without receiving updates, subscribers will gradually lose interest and leave the page.

Earnings with your Instagram followers

Social networks have long ceased to be exclusively a means of communication. Today, more and more people are actively using them to earn money. And one of the most popular social networks at the moment is considered Instagram. And in what way you can earn, we’ll talk about this now.

There are 4 ways to make money on Instagram:

1. Earnings on exchanges. This method will not bring a lot of money, but it can be considered as an additional source. In the maximum way you can earn daily from 150 to 300 rubles. But on exchanges, you can earn not only with your Instagram account, but also with the help of other social networks. In a word, the more you connect accounts from different social networks, the higher your earnings will be. Earnings in this case are subscriptions to the accounts of other participants, they also pay for likes and comments.

2. Earning on advertising. This method is considered the most profitable. But, in order to earn good money on advertising, you need a large number of subscribers - at least 50 thousand. In order to dial them you need to have an interesting and regularly updated account, and then subscribers themselves will begin to subscribe to you. But, in order to gain the required number of subscribers it will take a lot of time. Or you can use the exchanges to cheat subscribers. You can also make money on advertising through affiliate programs. The essence of such earnings is as follows: register on the affiliate program website and advertise their products in your account. You will be paid for a specific action. For example, the percentage for the purchase.

3. Own store on instagram. This method of earning is very popular in the West. In Russia, it is just starting to gain momentum. You create an account, fill it with photos of goods, make a description and set a price. You can sell items of your own production, as well as resell goods. That is, you find a supplier. Post its products in your account. Buyers place an order, you take an advance payment (of course, with a wrap) and use this money to buy goods from the supplier, and send it to the specified address.

4. Earnings on the management of other people's accounts. Who needs this? Large companies that do not have much free time. They pay good money. Your responsibilities will include: posting posts with descriptions, respond to participants' comments, invite new members.

Who needs Instagram followers?

Cheating is vital for novice bloggers, online stores, in general, all those who provide any services. An account where there are no subscribers or there are few of them (before 2000) does not cause trust, people do not want to sign up and buy from such a page. The essence of the work is the provision of services for the promotion of subscribers to pages that need it. How to get started: - create a page (do not steal pictures and text of posts, it is better to work independently, then the result will be good); - win subscribers first to themselves, approximately 2000-3000 (no longer necessary, then just attract new real people); - post posts (from 3 pieces per day); - offer services to other pages; - make a profit. Get a good profit is obtained from those who are actively moving. That is, systematically updates the profile and communicates with 20-30 people per day. As you can see - nothing complicated. Try to buy followers now so that your Instagram is no longer empty. If you buy followers in the wrong place, you can only make the profile worse. Use trusted sites like in order to buy followers with the maximum benefit and minimum cost.

Followers on Instagram, where can I buy them?

Today you can buy followers on instagram for a couple of clicks, this is one of the first steps to attract a starting audience. You must constantly update your profile with new photos that may be of interest to others. Everyone can buy followers on Instagram, but not everyone can keep the audience. Try to buy a tariff plan to get the best quality followers. If you have already bought users’s cheat on your page, you should wait a bit, it usually takes from several minutes to a day. You can buy followers on Instagram on our website and pay for the order in any convenient way. You no longer need to look for where you can buy subscribers on Instagram, just contact us, the cost of services for the wholesale purchase of followers is several times lower. If you have questions about buying active users on Instagram, you can write to us in technical support.

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